Content Team Boards

After helping Fiona set up the general display of the team layout, she began to put together some designs for the piece in the formats that we had discussed. I loved how the stripped back layout was working, and the ideas were really coming together!


Copywriting For The Layout

Once we were happier with the layout, Fiona then a started to write some of the content of the piece. There were a number of elements that we were not too sure about, so I sat down with Fiona and together, we bashed out some new iterations on the copywriting.

Having done a large portion of the writing for this piece in the explorable gallery and in the video script, I had an idea of the tone that works well for this type of display. My research into the V&A gallery writing (Trench 2013) also came into practice, as we thought about how to create the shortest and simplest sentences, to communicate our ideas.

Below are a range of our iterations, as we wrestled with words and phrases to get the right ideas across.





Finalised Project Boards

Our main challenges was in the simplification of complex systems and processes; trying to find a way to explain to the general public about the technology we were using in one line is not easy! We managed to come round to what I feel is a real strong piece of work, that both highlights the best of Portrait Of The Artist, but also comments on the medium of VR in general.




Trench, L. (2013) Gallery Text At The V&A. London: V&A Museum. Available from: [Accessed 08/05/2016].


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