London Trip!

Today was the big day – we woke up early to catch the Red Eye Flight to London! It felt so great for all of our planning to come together and see everyone all raring to go at the airport (between our yawns and tired eyes).

When we reached MPC, we were introduced to the screening room and had a technician help us get set up. Paul had been in charge of the showreel, which was going to be what we had showing on the day to the industry professionally that we had invited. When we previewed it to see if it was working, we were quite surprised to find that the reel consisted of many of Paul’s shots and test shots, and not many of other of the really strong projects in the class. While this was a bit of a surprise, we knew we had to do something, so we all transferred the other final projects over to the machine and decided to air all the shorts of the teams that were in London.

Screening the Work

When people started to arrive, we were able to bring them into a screening room and offer them a drink. It was great to be able to chat and hear from people in the industry, and hear their responses to our work. With Portrait Of The Artist, we had decided to create a making of video after screening our work to Princess Anne. This was beacuse, without the immersive experience of the Oculus headset, the project does not come across well on screen. This was what we aired in London.

Industry Feedback

We had some really great responses to the piece, with many of the professional of MPC and other companies approaching us about it afterwards. While our project was not VFX related, there was a keen interest in what we were doing in the world of storytelling.

Wind Down

We all went to the bar for a bit of a wind down to let our hair down after the day – it was  a great success!


This girl & this city 👌🏼☀️🎡

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