Final Year Show – Cleaning and Preparing

With the final year show fast approaching, it’s been all hands on desk to get the room ready. With the details for London all ready to go, I was freed up, so I stepped into the Final Year Show organisation team to help out Matt and Andrew.

Conor Lecture Theater Event Planning

We planned a short meeting with Andrew, Matt and I to first discuss the Conor Lecture Theatre order of events. Matt had a meeting earlier in the week with Greg and Conann, and there still seemed to be a little confusion over what the Conor Lecture Theatre event was, who was going to be there, and what it was for.

After meeting with the class, we all decided to gather that there would be an intro by one of our professors, a few words from an industry professional, and we would show each project at 7pm to all of our friends and family. After this was done, we would all head up to the room, and meet people by our desks.

With this decision made, Matt, Andrew and I met to discuss the logistics of the event, and what we needed to do in order for this to happen. As Matt had already been in touch with Greg about the industry professional, he took charge of confirming them. I am responsible for creating an itinerary and recruiting first and second years for the event. To get the ball rolling, I put out a call out on Facebook to see if anyone in the class could help us out.

Screen Shot 2016-05-21 at 16.35.24.png

Preparing For the Show

Cleaning Planning

Another major part of the degree show preparation is cleaning and tidying the room. We had four years of grit to get rid of; which meant a lot of painting, cleaning, scrubbing and clearing stuff out. As well as this, we also had to prepare the degree show boards, which all needed primed, sanded and painted, before hanging any work up.

As a group, we all met together and made a list of every thing that needed done. We accounted for everything so that we would know the extent of the work. Most groups have been chipping away at the boards through the week, but there are many in the class who have not been in, and potentially do not realise the sheer number of jobs that need done. We made a huge doom list, that everyone had access to in the classroom. We then shared it online to the whole class. As a group, we needed a few people to begin the cleaning while the rest of the class were in London. Nicole had kindly volunteered to begin that, and we were hoping to get a few more volunteers.

Screen Shot 2016-05-21 at 16.55.23.png

Post London Clearout

When we came back from London, we were all prepared to go and have a full day of work on Wednesday. It was unfortunate to find that in the two days we were away that only Nicole and Scully made it into start the cleaning. Matt reminded everyone of what needed done and come Wednesday, we had nearly a full class of helpers which was so great. By the end of the day we had nearly everything done!

On Thursday I liaised with the cleaning manager to organise some chairs for the screening room and also to get a professional wash of the floors. Then there was a little more painting to do to touch things up, but apart from that we were nearly there.

Yay chairs!

Screen Shot 2016-05-21 at 16.54.41.png


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