Presentation of our work

After our first public display with the senior university staff and Princess Anne, we had learnt a lot which really helped us when thinking about preparing for the the end of year show. We had decided together that in addition to the Oculus build, creating a trailer video and a “making of” video would be effective outputs to showcase our project. The reasons for this decision came on the back of research into Kickstarter type videos, as well as experiencing first hand how the public interacted with our piece, when showcasing for Princess Anne.


I’m going to highlight a few of our findings regarding the general display of the piece, when in a large room with many people from the University Opening .

  • It gets very loud
  • Many people don’t get to try on the Oculus

This is self explanatory, but worth noting. We know that the degree show will have this same atmosphere, but on steroids. In our piece, the fully immersive experience only happens when wearing headphones. In addition to that, with our experience being three minutes, there will be a limit to the number of people who will be able to try the headset. We know the degree show will be packed, so in planning for that, we feel that we should create an accompanying video to play on loop, to give passers by an idea of what is going on in the headset, even if they don’t try it themselves.

  • The Unity master scene recordings are hard to get high quality

I have been gathering content for the edits I’m doing, and one potential problem that has arisen is that I can’t get a high quality screen recording of our video. The piece is no where near as effective when viewed on the PC monitor instead of the headset, and it also lost considerable quality upon playback, when recorded from Unity on the master scene. I have already done some Unity recordings on other machines, and the quality works well, but on our master it does not come out sharp. This is something that I hope we can investigate to fix, otherwise, we’ll need to build the scenes separately on the other machines, to fake it for our video.

Next Steps

Over the next week, I’m going to be working towards building a trailer video and a “making of”. As I work to get the videos and edits done I will strive to figure out a way to get everything to its highest quality, so that each person who passes our table, wether they try on the headset or not, has a positive experience.


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