Animation Conversations

Iterate, Iterate, Iterate

Throughout the course of this project, the asset development has been an extremely iterative process. We have always started with tests, and build upon them until we felt like things were moving in the right direction.  Every time something gets completed by whoever creates it, we review it as a team. With virtual reality, it’s extremely important to try the piece in the headset, as the screen often feels very different.

Screen Shot 2016-05-14 at 18.15.04.png

Landscape Development

Fiona had been working on the development of the landscapes for one of the scenes where Davidson chats about being creative within the confines of ideas and themes. We were discussing her progress and how it fitted into the piece as a whole. The early developments did not feel like they were working as well as they could and we were trying to figure out why.

When we thought back to the idea behind this element of the piece, we recalled that it was about creating structure from the loose freedom of paint. With this in mind, I suggested that the transition is created by the large paint stroke within the scene – and it adds to the landscape build up – rather than having a new blue stoke form.

Conceptually this worked better, as Colin was speaking about freedom within the confines of ideas and themes. Visually, this solution acts as a transition to the next scene, which removes the problem of  having disjointed scenes that don’t flow easily from one to the next.


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