Build One – Interview Reviews

Portrait Of The Artist Review

After making a lot of progress as a team, we decided to take a step back with our planning this week to figure out what needed done. We sat together with the project and watched it multiple times each, taking notes as we went.

Screen Shot 2016-05-14 at 17.30.25.png

Edits and Suggestions

With the functionality now working on the interview, we are at the point where we can refine it. Over the last week or so, Fiona and I have been finishing up the assets, so that they can be tested in the build.

We addressed some of the constants we felt that should be used in the scene, such as the use of a ground plane, spot lights and Colin’s transitions. Occasionally we were getting snappy transitions between the scenes, so we took note of each one in the hopes that we could address the problem over time.


I made the suggestion to make Colin closer to the camera. While it was easy to see Colin, we felt that it was important to be making use of the fact that he was upon a 3D mesh. The closer Colin is to the viewer, to more obvious the tracking system in the Oculus is. There is something quite special about the intimacy that the Depthkit recordings allowed us to create – and we did not want to loose that by having Colin far away from the viewer.

From here we made a new doom list, highlighting the work for the next couple of weeks. A lot of the jobs now involve small tweaks and refinement of the experience, and adding content to the explorable.


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