Animation Sequencing in Unity

Animation Sequencing

After getting the interview sequence working, I began looking into getting our animations sequenced. I now understood how to create an action list and how to make them work. I also learnt how to call gameobjects to do the action I was commanding and was familiar with a range of actions that I could do within the program. With these things in mind, I thought, easy – I can get an animation to work. How wrong I was.

Animation Set up

I brought an early animation of a paint stroke into Unity and set it up to animate. This process I was familiar with because of my early tests on other scenes as well as last semester’s project. I added the animation, created a controller, plugged my animation into the animator. It worked as I expected.


Adding a delay

After I set up the animation, I wanted to add a delay to be able to time the animation to its correct place in the sequence. I tried a number of different things to get this working, unfortunately with no luck. I tried:

  • Creating a new action list. I used the Engine: Wait command and the Object: Animate command to try to get it working.
  • I attempted a number of different actions in this list and none of them affected the animation – it always played from the start with no delay.
  • I plugged the animations into different place to see if that would make a difference.
  • I looked to see if the problem was in the ON START command which is needed to be plugged into the cutscene for the actionlist to work. I made sure these action lists were being called. They were. So that was not the problem.
  • I tried by creating a new cut scene, and creating it on a separate project to see who to make it work alone. This also did not do anything to effect the animation.19.png

I took a lot of time to study the steps to see what was wrong. One thing that I noticed different to the other animations that I was watching through tutorials, was that the whole of the Imported Object section in Unity was greyed out. This included the Animator. I knew that there had to be some connection between the problems, as when I was plugging in the elements into my actionlist, I was unable to add a clip to one of the sections.


I brought this problem to the forums and many people said that this was because the object wasn’t instanced and it needed a prefab. I tried to create a prefab, and it wouldn’t let me add any actions to it. I also tried to create an instance of the file by dragging it into the project & Scene but Unity could not let me.

After a good load of hour trying everything I could think, I had to stop pushing what seemed like a loosing battle. Nicole may understand the problem in an instant when she’s up to full strength. Even if she doesn’t know the answer, she’ll know more tricks to beat it than me after my first weekend of Adventure creator. This has been a tough challenge, especially with the lack of support online for the AC plugin. While I wish I could have got the animations timed and working, it was not an efficient use of time to spend any more hours on it after exhausting the options I knew of.


When Nicole was better, she was finding the same problem with the animations refusing to play. What we found was that the constant ID was dropping from the game obects upon playback, so we have to manually match these all up. After Nicole had an explore of the issue, we managed to get the animations working!


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