Animatic Development

After Fiona and I shared our storyboards, we decided to turn them into an animatic to see how the concepts felt in motion. We felt that this also would be a good target to aim for for our presentation. We used very simple after effects animation to communicate the concepts.

The challenge here was that it was hard to tell what the pieces feel like in the Oculus without creating them. For a first draft, we felt that the timing of the animatic will help us with conceptual development, and then as we build the piece, we will iterate on the visuals of them.

Here is the link to our presentation.

Post Presentation Changes

After our presentation we got some great feedback which will help us build on the work. The class were positive about the first interview edit, but they felt that there were a few too many repeating visuals. We decided to edit it slightly, adding celebrity portraits in to more literally represent the celebrities rather than just particle effects. While particles are effective, too much of them will make the space feel quite empty. In addition to this, there were a number of questions about the explorable gallery which we had not put much focus on.

Week 8 -Plan of Action

We met up as a team and discussed what was needed to make the project better. A few areas we wanted to focus on was the explorable gallery, and the edits to the animatic.


For the animatic edits, we chatted about a more literal representation of the celebrity concept. Fiona broke off and did an illustration for this to add to the animatic. We’re not sure if the movement transition will work yet, so we may keep the heads the one size, but this is something we will have to test.

My next steps are to look into the design and layout of our explorable gallery. We want to be cautious that we don’t leave the explorable galley to the last minute, as it is just as important as the interview section. Next week I hope to put some time to research and development of this area of the experience.


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