Creating Storyboards

After researching Colin’s work and creating the edit, Fiona and I wrote out along the window each element of the interview. We timed the whole thing, noting how long each part lasts, so that we could plan our animations around that.

We then conducted mini brainstorms around each element. In this, we broke down the core themes of the pieces of writing and thought up visuals to represent them. We made sure at this moment, to also think about transitions, as in virtual reality there are no cuts like in film.

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After coming up with some really interesting ideas, Fiona and I split the project in two and storyboarded a section each. This is a challenge as in VR there’s a 360 view! We made the decision to create our dimensions 7680×1080 (1920×4). We decided to not storyboard the vertical action, simply for ease of viewing on our screens. Making it too big, made it hard to see any detail.




There were going to be cuts in the sequences, so to ease this transition I thought it could be nice to have large paint strokes reflective of Colin’s style to float by the participant. Inspired by my early research of paint strokes, this idea could potentially be something that then carries through a number of the scenes.





Planning these storyboards, we had liked the idea of celebrities being represented by the stars in the sky. After looking into some research, I thought that it may be interesting to have a northern lights type background, which slowly moves towards you. Colin has a thread that runs through his paintings about common humanity and these stars could come down and align with you. I tested a couple of iterations of this concept.





Human Beings as Equals


When thinking about the concept of human beings as equals, we thought that it may be good to be a little more literal. We did not want to saturate the piece with abstract concepts, so felt that at this time of the piece there should be a reference to frames. Colin talks about all o the paintings being the same size, so here we thought we could have a range of the frames appearing around the viewer.

Tomorrow, Fiona and I will share and connect our ideas together. This will then form the basis of the animatic which will be our reference for the timing through out the piece.


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