Editing The Interview

After splitting up a rough timeline, Fiona had done some editing tests, but with these we found it difficult to maintain a natural flow. We were having a hard time cutting together a sequence from our plan on paper, so I decided to rejig the piece a little.

I took a new approach by breaking down what each section of the interview would achieve, and thinking about the implicit meaning of each part. I then was able to make a cut based more on Colin’s values as an artist, rather than a strict timeline approach.


The breakdown in themes

Lesson: Viewing life as a gift – reason to live life to the full.

Work values: Freedom with the confines of ideas or themes.

This idea in practice: Seamus Heaney

Values: Viewing humanity as equals

This idea in practice: Portraits of celebrities

Values applied in his own life: View on his work as an artist – as a fellow human being.

My Final Interview Audio Cut

By putting the storytelling research into practice and creating an arc through the beginning, middle and end, I pulled together an edit which flowed in the way we wanted it to. The piece now feels uplifting, with plenty of room for visual exploration along the way. The next stage will be timing and creating the animatic.


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