Editing Colin’s Interview

After a few days off due to sickness, I’ve finally had the chance to ease my way back into the project. Fiona and I came in at the weekend to keep things moving, and made a rough plan to work towards in order to progress with the story of Colin Davidson.


The first big task was to create an edit of Colin’s interview.

While I was off, Fiona had started going through the footage and taking notes of the key quotes throughout, gathering some of them on a big spreadsheet that we had started during the production process.


This was great for referencing, and we decided since I would be helping with the edits, that I should sift through the footage too. I took notes of areas of interest in each take, marking the pieces of the interview which were particularly compelling or could fit well into the story.

Creating A Rough Timeline

Fiona and I then got together to share the quotes and ideas we came up with, and began to think about how the narrative could unfold. We wrote out all of the different themes which were mentioned, to see what would fit to create the best story.


After this, we started to draw up a few potential timelines around the core themes we thought were strong. While the process was obviously very rough, we wanted to make sure we discussed the purpose of the interview edit at this early stage. These outlines then served as a foundation for the editing to commence.


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