Personal Branding – Clarifying My Goals

Thinking about my brand’s purpose

Before getting stuck into branding, I began by evaluating what I want to get out of the semester, and what I would like the start of my career path to look like after I leave this course. My professional practise with Atto Partners and MU/DAI have taught me how important it is to ask the tough questions before beginning any design. Design is never merely about the finished product, it’s about solving the problem that the design is for. In my case, my personal presentation is about speaking directly to the right employers and saying, “I know who you guys are, I do what you do, and I’d be a good fit”. In order to do this I need to clarify who the right employers are, and what roles I would see myself in in their company.


Career Goals

After working as part of the experience design team at MU/DAI this summer, I got a feel for what it is like to be an interaction designer at a medium sized studio. MU/DAI is a Chicago based creative agency using design and technology to make experiences better. That often involves making websites, applications and services for clients in a range of sectors; from healthcare, to financial technology to e-commerce.

I loved the variety of work that I was exposed to, and I loved the design challenges. When many people think of interaction design, they think about the outputs, and that is obviously a big part of it, but it is a lot more than that. Design is about understanding the goals, the needs and the motivations of both the clients and the customers, and then creating something awesome that speaks to that. The process of figuring out what you’re going to create is crucial, so at MU/DAI I put a lot of energy into getting the right idea before production.

Brand Direction

I felt right at home in this working environment. I loved it. I pitched to high profile clients, I had to opportunity to teach people what I knew, I used my animation and video skills to help communicate difficult messages. I felt that I was in a place that brought out the best in my skills. This experience taught me that I wanted to work for a digital agency like MU/DAI, who solve tricky problems through design. 

With this in mind, I am going to spend my time directing my personal branding towards digital agencies like MU/DAI who have a similar approach.


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