THE DAY: Interviewing Colin

Morning Testing

The interview day is here! This morning we spent testing and testing the kit, to make sure we had the best possible set up for when Colin arrived. We got our first couple of calibrations and which worked well enough, but we wanted to keep going until we got the very best set up for when Colin arrived.

Interview Preparation

As I was interviewing Colin, I took myself off to a quiet room to psych myself up for the interview. There was a lot riding on today, and I felt quite a responsibility to bring out the best in Colin through the interview. I reviewed all the questions that I had drafted, and took a deep breath!

Welcoming and Interviewing Colin

The interview itself could not have gone better. Colin was so kind and so open and he shared all that we had hoped and more!

From a set up perspective, things ran as smoothly as we could have anticipate. We had two back up cameras and the depth kit as well as external sound recording which Ronan Duddy kindly volunteered himself to conduct. I called each take, and when I did this we checked every piece of equipment. Nicole took care of the DK Capturing and as well as this, wrote down all the things Colin talked about at each take. This will make things much easier in post production.


Backing Up

Once everyone left, I wanted to back up all of the footage in multiple places to be safe. I also tested a couple of clips in visualize to make sure they were working. Thankfully, the recordings turned out really well.

I am so relieved that the interview day went well – all of the testing and planning was worth it! Next steps will involve the main interview edit from the footage.


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