Set Planning and Pre-Production

Set Organisation

Between all the testing we started to organise ourselves for the day of the shoot. We had a chat about what the set up should look like on the day. We wanted to create a relaxed environment for Colin and in order to create this, we needed confidence in our process. We drew up some set ups for the day, and decided on who would do what. Below is a very rough drawing of our set up – keeping things as simple as possible!


We then went and tested this set up to make sure that everyone knew their roles, and that it flowed without hesitations. We were able to figure out the hiccups such as how to call the recording start times, and adapt this process to make sure it worked for everyone.

Equipment lists

We made reference to our equipment list and made sure to have everything gathered for Friday. We had a few heroes lend us equipment through these weeks and we are unbelievably grateful for the support we have received on this project!


Day of shooting plan

We made a plan for the day of shooting so that we would know exactly what to do from the get go. Prior to the morning of the shoot, there were a range of things that we had to do, such as charge cameras, label cameras and memory cards etc. Each of the practical notes got put on a Trello board displayed below, to keep us in check.


General Weekly Plan

As well as the specific plan for hte day of the shoot, we had a more general plan of tests to work through. This helped us check every single variable to explore before the interview. We worked all week to answer any questions and doubts we had about technical or set up problems.



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