Final Year Project – Exploring Directions

Earlier today we had a classic old brainstorm – it’s been great to get back into the early ideation phase for our project. We’ve had a range of ideas which cover a number of different technologies and themes so we decided to explore what has been done already. Below I have included a number of pieces that have caught my eye so far.

Blending Physical and Digital

I love how these pieces all blend physical interaction with digital interaction. In Rewind, the user twists, pushes or presses the exterior levers, it triggers animation on the screen. What is particularly interesting is the fact that this piece is much more of a piece of digital art, rather than design. The idea of creating a digital art piece is an interesting idea that could be fun to explore for a final project. I could imaging it taking on the form of an installation piece or something along those lines.

What stood out to me with Sagilo’s Interactive Scarves is the fact that she is encouraging the viewer to touch something that is typically deemed untouchable. Set in an art gallery, where the norm is to stand feet away from the pieces, the viewer is invited to touch them and watch the digital feedback. Sound and music is a huge part of this feedback, creating a somewhat disruptive piece of art.

Girschig’s Wimbi invites the user to touch the table to play the game! Agian blending digital and physical, I find that the more tangible the interactions, the more delightful they become.

Collaborative Interaction

Gael Hugo’s Chain Reaction thinks beyond the confines of a single screen, creating chai reactions between multiple ipads. I think there could be something interesting about a collaborative interaction like Hugo’s, encouraging multiple people to play.

Guten touch is another piece blending physical and digital interaction. The piece reminds me of punch balloons that I used to play with as a child. The simple reactive visuals are a fun way to engage the user. There’s something very interesting about how the piece is almost multiplayer – more than one user can interact with the screen, and their interactions have an effect on each other.

The Impact of Sound

Kang’s Barcode Band is a very different kind of interactive experience, encouraging the user to scan barcodes to produce programmed sounds to create music. What I think is great about this is firstly, how it combines hardware and software to create a new method of making music, as random as it may be. Secondly I love how playful it is! The user could make their interaction as simple or complex as they want, but it is undeniably engaging. In a more simple way, Heurer’s interactive keyboard uses light feedback to respond to the music.

Along the theme of sound, this piece by Futile devices creates beautiful little vector animations in response to the music and sound effects. I could imagine these sort of animations used to display reactions in an interaction piece or even a 3D experience. It is becoming very clear that sound should be at the forefront of what ever we do and not an aside at the end.


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