Explore: Early ideation

We had a great couple of days bouncing all of our ideas around to plan for the final year project. It’s so refreshing to be starting something completely new. We all had a few ideas over the break, so we took the day to get every thing out on the drawing board (/postit window).

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Core themes discussed:

  • Stillness – Being self aware, meditation, how stopping and being still can reveal more than movement does, buddhism, religion, how movement could disrupt a scene.
  • Nature – being Islanders, cliffs, the ocean, the power of the sea, splashes, open skies, salt water, landscape, epicness, vastness, wonder, blues.
  • Mystery – potions, Alice and Wonderland, illusions, Escher, surprise, murder mystery.
  • Surprises in Dark Places – Creatures hidden in alleyways, compliment alley, hiding behind curtains, hiding under things, being lost in your own mind, light creeping through the dark, villians, revealing things through movement.
  • Literature and Words – letters, books, storytelling, the stories of the past, stories of the city, stories of the sea, uncovering hidden stories, uncovering characters of the past, literature engrained into our culture, piecing together stories, poetry, CS Lewis, Heaney.
  • Belfast – Belfast’s doors, culture of the city, belfast’s people, accents, character, moving through Belfast.

Over the weekend we’re all going to take a deeper dive into these ideas and have a think about what could work best for our story. These themes are a starting point – the next step is finding a way to pair our themes with technology and a strong story, to create an impactful and well executed piece.


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