Visual Research

While Fiona and I are still figuring out the messaging and target market for our project, we wanted to keep in mind some styles which could influence our outputs.

A few things that stand out so far:

  • Bold contrasting colours and character based illustrations always catch the eye, and comes across as a playful way to share a message.
  • Short animations can tell a story effectively and fast; even in a few seconds, an animation can communicate a complicated message.
  • It’s really important to have clear messaging if we’re trying to gain viewers attention; we don’t want to make them search for what we’re trying to say.

As we work through our first and second hand research, we hope to build on our bank of visual ideas to inspire the direction of the project. While the goal of this brief is to solve a problem, 10% of our marks will come from the “little bit of magic” that we bring to the table. We plan to keep visual and technical research up so that by the time we begin our prototypes, we’ll have a range of original and exciting ideas that can fit cohesively into our body of work.

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