Alternative Brief – RSA Waste Not Want Not

“Waste Not Want Not” – Design a way to encourage and support individuals, households, businesses and/or communities to reduce food waste. See full RSA brief here.

Why do we want to try this?

Well, we’re really excited to use the design process we have learnt through both the course and placement, on a real world problem. We want to go further than communicating an idea well. We want to use the process to discover the problem, to interview people to understand it and then to craft a creative solution to address it.

What about the animation part?

Though the RSA entry requirements does not include animation, we want to integrate animation into our outcomes. Ways we could do this:

  • It could be a series of 10 second shorts that are integrated into a campaign
  • It could be a 30 second communicative slot
  • It could be an interactive mini game
  • It could be an animation to communicate our journey to the designed solution

And more…

Basically it’s really open. We know that we want to create something that addresses the problem. We know we want to create something that is fun and playful (both for the users and for us to work on!). What we don’t know we will discover through ideation and both primary (ahh talking to real people!) and secondary research.

If this gets you excited, come talk to us! We’d love to have two others to join the crew!



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