Hi, I’m Mary. I’m a procrastidesigner.

Love this. Debbie Millman’s visual essay not only looks great, but fills me with a little bit of confidence that I’m not the only procrastidesigner out there.

Getting started can be a tough slog at times. I want to say that the reasoning behind why I’m not always messing around with art and design is because of time – being busy. Of course that’s a factor, but one thing that Debbie Millman points out is that the lack of experimentation can often be about a fear of failure- “fail safe”. She writes, “security and stability came before artistic creative freedom”, and I know that this can be the case for me at times. Where dreams remain as dreams, without allowing myself to consider the possibility that they could move into reality. (Anyone that knows me would laugh to read that, as I am a ridiculous dreamer, and openly and regularly share “the dream” to anyone who will listen). I try to pinch myself out of this frame of mind.

Another side to the fear of failure is the fact that what you may try could be rubbish. I’ve been thinking a lot about this over the last few weeks and I’ve come to realise that it’s pretty common, even for the pros, to feel this way. The thing that makes the difference is the action that follows the fear. Millman writes, “start now. Not in 30 years. Not in 20 years. Not in 3days. Now.” Entering 2015, these are the words that I’ve been trying to keep in mind. Even if failure is a possibility, I want to make the effort to start anyway.


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