Project TreeTop

We have been presented with an exciting collaboration project with Kris Kelly and the team from Blacknorth. 10 of us are going to be working on Finn in The Forest, an indie game about a young boy’s adventure through the forest, and his challenges along the way. Using SoftImage (RIP), we are to create a number of 3D models for the environments of different scenes in the game.

I’m really thrilled to be able to work with Blacknorth on this project, as I’ve been dying to get more involved in interactive tasks. The game is so charming to look at, and it’ll be a great learning experience to have to match existing styles. I hope for it to challenge and push my ability in 3D, as I would love to give modelling better shot. For now, I’l be posting on our Project Treetop blog, where we will be sharing ideas and progress. It’s not exactly top secret, but I couldn’t have my wealth of wordpress followers seeing it.. ha. ha. ha… (well done if any of you made it this far)


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