Anamatic: Take Two

After receiving feedback from Bob, we started to edit our anamatic for the client, adding simple movements and sound. We wanted it to be able to be understood without explanation, even though we would go through and present it on the day.

We split up the scenes into digestible amounts, taking note of what assets would need to be shared for overlapping scenes. From here it was all stations go as we completed many tasks from making elephants dance, to making cows fly. We possibly underestimated the time that this would all take, but after one late night, we managed to pull it off in time for the presentation.

It was great to meet the client,  and their feedback was really important. Overall, they were really happy with the whole class, and enjoyed seeing their educational project come to life with creative ideas. With a depth of knowledge in the field of astronomy, we learnt about how some of our points were over emphasised and dramatic, which we would not have realised without them. At this early stage, it was great to get this feedback, where the anamatic is easy to change and tweak.

This will be my last post on Project Little Yellow Star, as I am moving on to work with Kris Kelly and team from Blacknorth on an interactive game. More info to follow…


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