The Art of Negative Space

After our first stage of ideas, we split up to gather some research and inspiration. I’ve been researching meteors and meteorites in much more depth, to gather a greater understanding of what they do and what they look like in their different forms.

I’ve been researching different styles of animation and as we are going to be using After Effects, I am looking into fairly graphic styles. Tang Yau Hoong’s, work stood out to me like a sore thumb. She uses high contrast images, combining shapes to create conceptual, surreal and minimalist pieces. I immediately pictured the transitions from scene to scene, using this idea of negative space to be a keyhole, from which the camera travels through to move between scenes.

She uses cosmic patterns, and often dark backgrounds, paired with a bright fiery colour palette. This style could lend itself really well to the make up of our piece, as as well as maintaining consistency from the style, the images could easily be broken into layers for animation.


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