Exploring Timing and Rhythm

Recognising the importance of timing and rhythm in animation and editing, I started to explore software that could respond to music and connect the visuals. I came across Red Giant’s Trapcode, a plug in for After Effects, of which I downloaded the trail.

After a few tutorials I began to get to grips with what Soundkey could do. As I played my track, soundkey played a visual wave chart. I located where my kick drum beats were on the chart, and then selected the area when they were at their loudest.

I then aligned the track with the video of my sister dancing to that selected part of the music. I created an expression linking the opacity the timing, and parented it to my soundkey data. The effect took a bit of testing and moving to do what I wanted it to, but the overlays work really well and I’m really looking forward to trying a few more clips with Soundkey.

Unfortunately, the trial version limited me to using only 300fms per composition-not cool.


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