The Light Surgeons

The Light Surgeons are a London based, boutique production company that specialises in creative visuals for live performance, video production and installation projects. Their work is often displayed on large screens anywhere from concert stadiums to museums, making a huge impact where ever it is shown.

The music videos, for both live and commercial use, have really inspired my work. The above reel for Chase and Status gives an example of the range of VFX techniques they used for this particular band. Although the work can often be abstract, it always tells a story that enhances the sound. The clips add to the performance, using colour, shapes and movement to evoke emotion and response from the viewer.

It comes at no surprise that Chase and Status’ high tempo sound comes with quick cuts in the edit; the precision at which the editing and effects match the beat is highly impressive. I am beginning to learn that not only in the extremes or the ‘money notes’ does the editing need to be sharp, but also in the small  quieter parts of a track. When a track slows down, the effects need to be sensitive to the music and compliment it with accuracy-after all, there’s nothing to hide behind when the footage is slow, and sloppiness is much more obvious!


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