The experimental style of the music lends itself to abstract edits, and so I’ve started to play about with some more overlays. I used some footage that I shot of tall trees to fall in place of Morag’s legs, allowing me to emphasise speed in the already the fast paced dance.

A towering tree is a strong and beautiful¬†image which compliments the movements of the feet, but it also brings a hint of vulnerability. This draws me back to the notion that an ‘awe’ of nature; it’s a size we can never be, it lives longer than us, and we never know what it will do next! There is a vulnerability that ‘Shadows’ exposes; it’s one that every artist, entrepreneur or dancer experiences at every personal exhibition, idea pitch or festival. I feel that nature is the perfect subject to represent these moments.

I asked Morag to study the rhythm of the drums to allow her to catch irregular beats, changing the light and shade of her dance depending on the tone of the song. We then went out to film some of her steps. I purposefully shot into the light to try and create as high a contrast as possible between the legs and sky.

Back in the studio, I keyed out the black using the colour range in AE, removing as much black as possible and editing the softness of the line. I roto’ed a small mask to fill in parts of the wall, and then placed the other film behind. This process works really well when a soft and inaccurate image is suitable, but if a clear cut line is wanted rotoscoping or green screen would be the best solution.


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